BAE Systems Builds New Frigate Factory in Scotland

BAE Systems has announced the establishment of a new shipbuilding facility in Scotland for the construction of Royal Navy warships.

Located at the Govan shipyard on the River Clyde, the frigate factory is part of the company’s 300-million-pound ($356-million) investment in expansion programs.

According to BAE Systems, the factory will measure 170 meters (557 feet) long and 80 meters (262 feet) wide. It will be large enough for simultaneous construction of two Type 26 frigates.

It will consist of more than 6,000 tons of steel and 20,000 cubic meters of concrete.

Company managing director Simon Lister said the state-of-the-art facility will allow BAE to completely modernize its approach to shipbuilding.

“We are the proud custodians of shipbuilding on the Clyde and our talented teams are working hard to build on that legacy to secure Glasgow’s status as a shipbuilding center of excellence for generations to come,” he said.

‘Efficient and Safe Shipbuilding’

Being built by McLaughlin and Harvey, the new facility is expected to provide improved working conditions and prevent ship construction from being affected by adverse weather conditions.

It also promises to help enable “efficient and safe shipbuilding for decades to come.”

Additionally, the facility can accommodate up to 500 workers, two 100-ton cranes, and two 20-ton cranes.

“Quality will also be improved, and each ship will be more materially complete before moving across to the dry dock in Scotstoun for test and acceptance. All of this will culminate in a quicker delivery of the Type 26 frigates to the Royal Navy,” UK procurement arm official Stephen Charlick said.

BAE Systems is currently under contract to produce five more Type 26 ships for UK naval forces.

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