Boeing Flies Advanced Version of AH-64E Apache Helicopter for First Time

The latest and most advanced version of Boeing’s AH-64E Apache helicopter has successfully made its maiden flight, the company announced on its website.

Dubbed Version 6.5, the military chopper features an enhanced Link 16 network for smooth, real-time transmission of tactical data.

It also boasts state-of-the-art systems for optimized route and attack planning.

According to Boeing Vice President of Attack Helicopter Programs Christina Upah, the first flight marks the culmination of much hard work to bring the Apache to the “next level” in its capabilities.

It also ensures that the helicopter is ready to support various missions and dominate future battlefields.

Additional Upgrades

In 2021, the US Department of Defense contracted Boeing to deliver software updates and improve the pilot interface on the AH-64E Apache.

A state-of-the-art open systems interface has been integrated, enabling maximum interoperability and faster integration of other systems.

The company has also installed an improved turbine engine from General Electric Aerospace to boost reach, power, and fuel efficiency.

With the new upgrades, Boeing said the Apache further cements itself as the world’s premier attack helicopter.

“We’re very excited about the ongoing development of the V6.5 software as it paves the way for Apache modernization,” US Army Apache project manager Col. John Maher said.

“V6.5 aligns the entire E model fleet under the same software, streamlining training and maintenance while providing a pathway for sensor/capability parity, and enables the Army to address mandates and critical technologies.”

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