Ukrainian Soldiers Don ‘Invisibility Cloak’ to Evade Russian Sensors

The Ukrainian military has provided its soldiers with an “invisibility cloak” to help them evade Russian drones and thermal imaging cameras on the battlefield.

Spets Techno Export’s (STE) Phantom Skin absorbs the heat signature of humans and material, helping them blend in with the surroundings.

Ukrainians are using cagoules and shelters made of the “skin,” particularly to hide injured soldiers who cannot be immediately evacuated, according to i News.

Phantom Skin 

The 2.5-kilogram (5.5-pound) plasticized garment is resistant to rain, fire, and high temperature, Ukraine’s deputy prime minister for innovation, education, science, and technology Mykhailo Fedorov said.

It helps Ukrainian soldiers, particularly snipers, dodge the sensors of prowling Russian quadcopters.

The opaque material’s exact composition is not clear. However, it has a coating of nanotechnology compounds such as graphene, i News added, citing its Ukrainian manufacturer.

Made by Bucha Resident  

Russian forces’ atrocities in Bucha, including the summary execution of hundreds of civilians, spurred a resident materials scientist to develop the material as a form of resistance.

“The technology was developed after the invasion by Russian forces and the occupation experienced by the developer in Bucha as a contribution to resisting Putin,” the British outlet quoted an STE spokesperson as saying.

Its operational application makes it stand out among a list of similar wearable technologies being developed by countries such as Russia, the US, and India.

According to i News, Phantom Skin has attracted attention from Western and other militaries.

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