US Air Force Taps Eavor for Geothermal Energy Solution at Joint Base San Antonio

The US Air Force has contracted scalable energy solutions firm Eavor to deliver a generated geothermal energy system for Joint Base San Antonio (JSBA) in Texas.

For the project, the company will provide its proprietary Eavor-Loop to power the installation. This platform leverages circulated fluid to collect heat from deep soil, generating electricity to power engines or heating/cooling capabilities.

A feasibility study will commence following the award to evaluate resources for the initiative.

Eavor will work with the Air Force Office of Energy Assurance in all phases of prototyping.

The firm will also collaborate with underground energy source expert Chesapeake Energy to facilitate related technical and operational works.

“We are pleased to partner with Eavor and the Department of Defense on this innovative project,” Chesapeake Energy CEO and President Nick Dell’Osso said.

“Chesapeake is uniquely suited for subsurface engineering, surface regulatory and impact mitigation and geologic resource characterization.”

“We are excited to have an opportunity to leverage this adjacent set of expertise, furthering our mission toward a more secure, reliable, lower carbon energy future.”

Enabling ‘Energy Independence’

Eavor emphasized the geothermal power generator supports the US Air Force’s “commitment to energy resiliency.”

Once completed, the system is expected to bolster JSBA’s infrastructure by providing reliable, clean energy and minimizing downtime during electrical grid disruption.

“We applaud the DIU’s innovative spirit and believe this pilot could be a role model for future bases, both on the national and international scale,” Eevor executives said.

“While JBSA is only a first of its kind for the DoD, success in this endeavor will pave the way for Eavor and Chesapeake to deliver energy independence.”

“For this exploratory project, we can think of no more qualified partner than Chesapeake, we are looking forward to collaborating on many more additional such projects in the future.”

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