Ukraine to Receive Additional 155mm Truck-Mounted French Howitzers

Nexter will deliver six additional Caesar truck-mounted howitzers to Ukraine to help it drive out occupying Russian forces.

Ukraine has already received 30 Caesars since last year: 18 from France and 12 from manufacturer Nexter, the French Ministry of Defense stated on X.

Caesar Production Increase 

It comes as Nexter CEO Nicolas Chamussy announced a three-fold increase in annual production capacity, potentially providing Ukraine with additional systems.

“Caesar is very powerful and adapted for use by your military. Therefore, I assume that there will be more deliveries of Caesar,” Ukrainian public broadcaster Suspilne quoted Chamussy as saying.

“We have introduced fundamental changes in the industrial process to increase production capabilities. Since the beginning of the war, we have tripled the production of Caesar and doubled the production of ammunition. Our common goal is to help Ukraine.” 

The 155mm self-propelled gun can strike a target 40 kilometers (25 miles) away.

Additional Announcements for Ukraine 

Caesar’s delivery announcement was made during a French defense delegation to Kyiv last week, including the Minister of the Armed Forces Sebastien Lecornu.

Nexter also announced the setup of a maintenance facility in Ukraine for the Caesar and AMX-10 RC armored fighting vehicle and the integration of weapons systems on the vehicles of the Ukrainian armed forces.

Nexter would also reportedly produce certain parts of the Caesar in Ukraine.

Additionally, French military vehicle manufacturer Arquus Defense signed an agreement with Ukraine to support the local production of spare parts for the VAB armored vehicle and study its local production.

France has sold 100 VABs to Ukraine.

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