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Poland Unveils HAASTA Drone-Killing UAV

Poland has unveiled a new unmanned aerial vehicle prototype capable of avoiding enemy air defenses to neutralize hostile drones.

Named HAASTA, the new loitering munition was introduced during the International Defense Industry Exhibition in the southern city of Kielce, Poland.

It has an electric hybrid engine that supports a speed of 170 miles (274 kilometers) per hour and an operational altitude of 4 miles (6.4 kilometers).

According to the manufacturers, the drone is primarily designed to hunt low-velocity, Shahed-type drones similar to the ones being used by Iran and Russia.

The HAASTA searches for combustion engine emissions and destroys enemy targets after positive identification.

The drone is equipped with a 5.45-millimeter machine gun, with the possibility of mounting a 7.62-millimeter or 12.7-millimeter gun in the future.

Other Applications

The HAASTA boasts a flight endurance of 10 hours and an unlimited range when connected to a satellite.

It also features acoustically optimized rotors, non-satellite navigation systems, thermoplastic housings reflecting electromagnetic radiation, and control systems based on artificial intelligence.

Such features and capabilities extend the applications of the new system, from counter-drone to intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance.

The HAASTA has reportedly passed a series of flight tests and demonstrations.

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