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Airbus Wins $28M US Army Helicopter Modernization Contract

Airbus has received a contract for $27.8 million to upgrade the US Army’s UH-72A Lakota light utility helicopters.

As part of the agreement, the European aerospace firm will modernize the chopper’s digital interfaces and integrate a new airborne mission management system.

It will also provide new monitors and other system improvements for better situational awareness.

The US Army currently has a fleet of 107 UH-72As, but the new contract will only cover the modernization of 50 units.

“This award provides pilots with significantly increased functionality and capability to carry out today’s demanding missions, further enhancing the Lakota’s value as an ISR (intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance) asset…” Airbus vice president Scott Tumpak said.

About the UH-72A Helicopter

A twin-engine light duty helicopter, the UH-72A is equipped with a night vision-compatible glass cockpit and modern communication systems to support surveillance and other missions.

It can carry up to eight soldiers and travel at 269 kilometers (167 miles) per hour.

Thanks to its Arriel turboshafts and advanced blade design, the helicopter boasts reduced vibration and noise, making it suitable for covert operations.

According to Airbus, the UH-72A “offers the crucial capability of delivering troops and materials quickly with minimum delay, can rapidly apply fire power to neutralize or destroy opposing forces, offers support for friendly forces in combat, and is ideal for acquiring information, interpreting, and exploiting it.”

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