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MD Helicopters to Deliver Cayuse Warrior, 530F Helicopters to Middle East

Arizona-based MD Helicopters has received a helicopter contract for an undisclosed country in the Middle East.

The agreement is for six Cayuse Warrior Plus Attack/Scout light helicopters armed with precision weapons and six 530F multi-purpose aircraft equipped with glass cockpit upgrades.

MD said the 12 helicopters will be deployed for counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency operations.

The fleet will also be utilized for convoy escort, tactical reconnaissance, area security, and drug interdiction.

Alongside the aircraft, the military user will receive a complete logistics package, spares, and aircrew training.

The company will begin to ship the vehicles next year.

“We are honored for the trust allied forces have put in us to provide safe, reliable assets for their security missions,” MD Helicopters CEO and President Brad Pederson stated.

“We are excited to showcase the capabilities of this purpose built, best value solution.”

Cayuse Warrior Plus multi-role helicopter.
Cayuse Warrior Plus multi-role helicopter. Photo: MD Helicopters

Recent MD Helicopters Military Contracts

MD Helicopters received a contract in March to deliver 12 Cayuse Warrior helicopters to the Nigerian Army.

Last year, the Malaysian Ministry of Defense partnered with the company to enhance its land and maritime security capabilities with six 530G light scout attack helicopters.

The Lebanese Air Force acquired six 530F Plus attack helicopters from MD in 2021.

Meanwhile, Kenya commissioned six 530F helicopters in 2020 to add an “effective force multiplier” to its armed forces.

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