British Army Struggling to Recruit Cybersecurity Experts

The British Army’s attempt to bolster its cyber defense capabilities is facing a major obstacle.

The service’s recruitment chief Richard Holroyd has announced that the army is struggling to find experts in cybersecurity.

The problem stems from increasing competition in the business sector, which is placing increasing importance on cybersecurity.

“You’re saying to people with an interest in it, come and be a cyber specialist in the armed forces. But Raytheon is saying come and be a cyber specialist, BT are saying come and be a cyber specialist. So, in those spaces, you’re competing,” he told The Telegraph.

“In a labor market with full employment, it’s a tough, tough play.”

Holroyd predicted that the British Army will only meet 80 percent of its recruitment target this year due to difficulties in filling technical roles, recognizing that the sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics field remains a “highly-competitive” environment.

Increasing Investment in Cyber Defense

Earlier this year, the UK Ministry of Defence said it is an “urgent requirement” for the armed forces to keep pace with global technological developments.

It further stated that boosting the country’s digital skills for both offensive and defensive purposes is a “matter of priority” over the next three years.

Efforts to bolster the British Army’s cyber defense capabilities were more visible last year when it selected Immersive Labs to upskill British soldiers in facing modern cyber threats.

The agreement covered the provision of AppSec, Cyber Pro, and Crisis Sim platforms to boost the military’s digital readiness.

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