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Indonesia Receives 18 Rafale Combat Jets From Dassault Aviation

Dassault Aviation delivered 18 Rafale multirole fighter jets to Indonesia as part of a $2.3-billion acquisition program signed in April 2023.

The handover supports an effort to replace the Indonesian National Army Air Force’s aging F-5 light combat aircraft.

In 2021, France offered the Rafale to sustain the service’s airspace dominance.

The Indonesian and French defense ministries signed a contract the following year to provide the air force with a fleet of 42 Rafale fighters.

Dassault delivered the first tranche of six Rafales for $1.1 billion to Indonesia in September 2022.

Alongside the aircraft, Indonesia received corresponding technical training.

“This new step consolidates the beginning of a long-term partnership with the Indonesian authorities, whom I would like to thank once again for their confidence,” Dassault Aviation CEO Eric Trappier stated.

“It testifies to the strategic link that unites Indonesia and France, and will be reflected in the growing presence of Dassault Aviation in the country.”

The Rafale ‘Omnirole’ Aircraft

The Rafale is currently used for military missions such as air attacks, ground support, anti-ship strikes, and nuclear deterrence.

It is equipped with advanced sensors and flight control systems, a reinforced airframe, and an M-88 next-generation turbofan engine.

While the aircraft is compatible with a range of guns and missiles, other variants of the platform employ electronic warfare.

Rafale aircraft
France’s Rafale multi-role fighter aircraft. Photo: Dassault Aviation

A demonstrator was first tested in the 80s to support the Future European Fighter Aircraft multinational program for France, Germany, Spain, and Italy.

The first Rafale operational variant was introduced in 2001 in the French Air Force and Navy.

“The ‘omnirole’ Rafale is a unique asset that will ensure Indonesia’s sovereignty and operational independence and reinforce its role as a major regional power,” Dassault Aviation said.

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