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Boeing Secures $146M Contract to Upgrade US P-8A Poseidon Trainers

Boeing has clinched a $146-million contract to upgrade the P-8A Poseidon aircraft trainer operated by the US Navy and Air Force.

The agreement covers Increment 3 Block 2 engineering and manufacturing development updates, according to a contract announcement.

The American defense giant will also develop, test, and integrate modern components into the P-8 operational flight trainer, weapons tactics trainer, and mission systems desktop trainer.

Once upgraded, the training systems are expected to elevate the readiness and operational proficiency of navy and air force pilots.

Work for the contract will be carried out in Missouri, Florida, and Washington, with a completion date of March 2026.

Boeing’s P-8A Training Solution

First delivered to the US Navy in 2011, Boeing’s P-8A training solution is designed to provide comprehensive and realistic drills to military pilots.

Its objective is to help pilots become a “combat-ready” force with the help of modern equipment, software, and courseware.

The navy reportedly uses the P-8A training system to complete 70 percent of required training for its aircrew.

“Boeing’s turnkey training solution accurately simulates aircraft and mission systems, permitting sophisticated mission rehearsals with unmatched realism,” the company stated.

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