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Australia Picks Operator XR for New Military Virtual Reality Training System

The Australian Army has acquired an advanced virtual reality (VR) tactical training system from American tech firm Operator XR.

Called the OP-1, the cutting-edge tech allows soldiers to conduct or participate in virtual missions using their own specific service weapons and equipment.

Instead of external computers, simulations are run from a high-powered tablet for improved mobility and ease of use.

According to Operator XR CEO Wayne Jones, the VR system is a “robust solution” to support the Australian Army’s urban and close-quarters combat training.

“This partnership with the Australian Defence Force (ADF) represents a defining moment for our company and for modern military capabilities…” he said. “The immediate application of this technology within the ADF demonstrates our shared commitment to innovation, readiness, and effective application.”

Additional Features

Operator XR’s compact OP-1 system allows military units to gain real-time insights and feedback on how they respond to various simulated battlefield scenarios.

The tech runs completely offline, enabling deployment in locations where the internet is not accessible.

It is compatible with many weapons, further enhancing training realism and effectiveness.

The four-person system is expected to support Canberra’s development of critical military skills for a more prepared and capable armed forces.

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