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Iran Claims Development of New Vessels With 600-Km Missiles

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Navy has unveiled new surface vessels with missiles that can hit targets up to 600 kilometers (372 miles) away, according to a report by Tasnim news agency.

The unveiling occurred during a military exercise off the coast of Abu Musa Island, disputed by the United Arab Emirates.

Although no specific details were provided, the report disclosed that the long-range missiles are mounted on vessels of the “Hojaji Special Unit.”

The weapons will reportedly be used to ensure the security of Abu Musa and other islands under Iranian control.

“The islands of the Persian Gulf are part of Iran’s honor and we will defend them,” Navy Commander Alireza Tangsiri said.

“The Persian Gulf belongs to all of the region’s countries … These states must be very prudent and prevent themselves from falling into the conspiracies and divisive plans of extra-regional countries.”

Part of War Game

Earlier this week, Tehran conducted a naval war game to refine its military tactics.

Apart from the new missile-equipped vessels, the country demonstrated missile-launching speedboats, unmanned aerial vehicles, artificial intelligence-powered ships, and amphibious aircraft.

The navy also showcased its precision-strike naval ballistic missiles during the exercise.

Participants included the combat, rapid reaction, electronic warfare, and airborne units of the Revolutionary Guards Navy.

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