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US Army Buys More Nano Drones in $93M Deal

Teledyne FLIR has signed a $93.9-million contract to supply Black Hornet 3 Personal Reconnaissance Systems for the US Army.

The five-year agreement stipulates the delivery of the nano drones, corresponding controllers, spare parts, and training.

The award builds on a 2018 Soldier Borne Sensor System initiative in which the army equipped dismounted troops with Black Hornet 3 systems.

Since then, FLIR has received $125 million in orders for the drone.

‘Reshaping the Modern Battlefield’

The Black Hornet is deployable on covert tasks and in contested environments, supporting soldiers in conducting missions “more safely and effectively.”

The nano drone weighs 33 grams (1.19 ounces) and can perform 25 minutes of near-silent flight.

Furthermore, the pocket-sized drone can transmit live video and high-definition still images for reconnaissance and surveillance operations.

Black Hornet nano drone
Black Hornet nano drone. Photo: Teledyne FLIR Defense

“The Black Hornet 3 gives warfighters up-to-the-minute situational understanding before and while they conduct missions,” FLIR Defense Executive Vice President Dr. JihFen Lei explained.

“FLIR Defense will continue to invest in developing unmanned platforms and smart sensors that are proving their worthiness in operational theaters worldwide. These technologies are reshaping the modern battlefield.”

Black Hornets in Ukraine

The Black Hornet is currently used by the Ukrainian armed forces in their defense against Russia. Most of these systems were donated by Norway and the UK.

Earlier this month, the Norwegian Ministry of Defence procured 1,000 more Black Hornets for Ukraine due to its performance in the ongoing conflict and to complement other capabilities that partner nations will donate in the future.

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