South Africa Launches New Springbuck Weapons Carrier Vehicle

South African defense firm DCD Protected Mobility has introduced a new variant of its famed Springbuck armored vehicle.

Launched during the company’s 125th anniversary, the latest addition to the Springbuck fleet is a weapons carrier version.

According to DCD officials, the new Springbuck is capable of carrying 14.5mm cannons or 60 or 80 mm mortars.

It also features an enhanced mine and ballistic protection to support frontline missions.

The Springbuck weapons carrier only has a single cab, but developers are looking for an extension to accommodate more weapons and crew.

About the Springbuck

The Springbuck is a 4×4 armored vehicle powered by an MWM 6-cylinder diesel turbo charged engine.

It is capable of carrying a driver and up to 10 military personnel.

The vehicle can be configured to support a wide variety of missions, including medical evacuation, command and control, explosive ordnance disposal, and border patrol.

With B6 ballistic protection, the Springbuck can withstand powerful landmines directly under the hull or the wheels.

Eight countries in Africa are reportedly using the Springbuck to support African Union and United Nations missions.

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