France Receives 500th Griffon Multi-Role Armored Vehicle

France has taken delivery of its 500th Griffon multi-role armored vehicle from the consortium of Nexter, Thales, and Arquus.

The delivery is part of a 1.2-billion euro ($1.35 billion) contract signed last year as part of the Scorpion program, which aims to renew and modernize the French Army’s combat capabilities.

A total of 1,872 Griffons will be delivered in the next few years.

Apart from the multi-role armored vehicles, the consortium handed over the 50th Jaguar armored reconnaissance and fighting vehicle to the French Army.

Thales said the service is set to commission a further 250 Jaguars to support combat missions.

The Griffon Vehicle

Powered by a 400hp engine, the Griffon has a maximum speed of 90 kilometers (56 miles) per hour and is suitable for various terrains.

The 6-wheel drive vehicle features an automatic gearbox and independent running gears.

Government-owned Nexter is responsible for the Griffon’s aluminum structure, ensuring the best possible protection for military personnel onboard.

French firm Arquus ensures improved mobility by designing and integrating state-of-the-art powertrains.

Meanwhile, Thales handles the vehicle’s data systems for collaborative engagements with other armored platforms. It is also responsible for the radars and sensor payload.

The Griffons are available in six variants: armored personnel carrier, armored mortar carrier, command vehicle, combat engineering, medical evacuation, and armored chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear defense vehicle.

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