DIU, Canoo Expand Partnership for Electric Vehicle Battery Program

The US Defense Innovation Unit and Canoo Technologies have signed an agreement to expand their partnership in the Jumpstart for Advanced Battery Standardization (JABS) program.

JABS will establish battery standards that will power the US military’s future electric vehicles.

Under the agreement, Canoo and the federal innovation segment will broaden their collaboration to produce advanced battery packs and related integrations for US defense partners.

The resulting solutions are expected to “set the stage” in standardizing energy-dense lithium batteries for the US Navy.

Advanced battery packs.
Advanced battery packs. Photo: Canoo Technologies

“We are honored to deepen our collaboration with the Department of Defense,” Canoo CEO and Chairman Tony Aquila stated.

“We are inspired by their leadership and focus on encouraging American innovation. A core value to our re-founding is to invent and leverage our technology to contribute to our nation’s leadership in defense technology.”

“We are guided by our commitment to continuously innovating our patented technologies to better equip our partners to win whether it be in commercial or consumer markets, or in aiding our nation’s defense.”

Recent JABS Projects With Canoo

In February, Canoo received a contract award to deliver proprietary battery modules for demonstration and analysis, supporting the advancement of the JABS program.

These modules are compatible with cells from other battery providers and are built with future-proof cell size and chemistry to operate with evolving solutions at reduced costs.

Canoo produces the equipment at its MidAmerica Industrial Park facility in Pryor, Oklahoma. The next JABS phase will create more than 200 advanced manufacturing jobs at the site once launched.

Alongside the battery modules, Canoo delivered an electric light tactical vehicle to the US Army last year in support of the program.

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