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IAI to Supply Kamikaze Drones to Three NATO Countries

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has signed a contract to deliver Rotem loitering munitions to three NATO countries.

The multi-million dollar contract follows a similar contact with Estonia in May.

The quantity of munition and contract amount were not disclosed.

The vertical takeoff and landing tactical drone is part of IAI’s family of loitering munitions that include the Harpy, Harop, and Mini-Harpy. It has been combat-proven since 2019.

Strike and Reconnaissance

The 6-kilogram (13 pounds) munition’s range of 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) and flight endurance of 30 minutes make it an ideal weapon of choice for close combat, including urban warfare. 

The soldier-deployed weapon can also be configured for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions with a capsule, increasing its flight endurance by 15 minutes.

The weapon’s day and night electro-optical sensors allow it to provide the operator with a bird’s-eye view.

Moreover, its hovering endurance of nine hours allows the system to wait for a target.

Retrievable System

Unlike conventional munitions, the Rotem can be disarmed and ordered to fly back for a new mission.

“Lightweight, compact, and affordable, Rotem is specially designed and proven to perform in urban warfare environments,” IAI stated.

“It allows individual soldiers to gain an elevated view of the area around them, look over hills or within an urban environment and beyond the line of sight. The soldier can then strike the enemy as soon as targets appear.”

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