US Navy Updates Delivery Strategy for Future USS John F. Kennedy Aircraft Carrier

The US Navy has awarded HII a $393.3-million modification contract to enhance the ship delivery strategy of the future USS John F. Kennedy (CVN 79) aircraft carrier.

The agreement will improve ship delivery capabilities, define unpriced change orders, and provide additional engineering and integrated logistics support for the second Gerald Ford-class vessel.

The contract will push back CVN 79’s initial handover date from June 2024 to July 2025.

“The contract modification reflects extensive collaboration with the Navy, as we have supported their decision to change the delivery strategy,” HII Newport News Shipbuilding CVN 79 Program Vice President Lucas Hicks stated.

“This strategy will decrease post-delivery work required and increase ship capability and readiness at delivery. We understand the importance of Kennedy and look forward to delivering this mission-ready capability to the Navy.”

The USS John F. Kennedy

The CVN 79 nuclear-powered aircraft carrier will be integrated with various enhancements from the original Ford-class design.

The improvements will be applied to the ship’s flight deck, a redesigned island, and weapons handling systems to sustain increased operability, efficiency, and reduced manning requirements.

USS John F. Kennedy (CVN 79) aircraft carrier under construction. Photo: HII
USS John F. Kennedy (CVN 79) aircraft carrier under construction. Photo: HII

Furthermore, the CVN 79 will have a new nuclear power plant, greater compatibility with future technologies, and an upgraded electrical power generation capacity.

Two additional Ford-class carriers are under construction at Newport News Shipbuilding, including the USS Enterprise (CVN 80) and the USS Doris Miller (CVN 81).

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