Ukraine Attacking Russian Forces Without Mobile Air Defenses: Report

The Ukrainian military is carrying out offensive missions against Russia without deploying mobile air defenses, according to a report by Insider, citing military observers.

Kyiv’s forces are reportedly pushing beyond the protection of their fixed air defense systems, allowing Russian forces to deploy warplanes and combat helicopters.

Without mobile “umbrellas,” Moscow’s Ka-52 Alligators are able to inflict damage using their 30-millimeter cannons or anti-tank missiles.

According to Institute for the Study of War (ISW) researcher Riley Bailey, the emergence of airborne threats from Russia indicates a gap in how Ukraine is utilizing its air defenses.

“It’s possible that Ukrainian forces arrayed their air defense umbrella to focus on [the constant bombardments of Ukrainian cities],” he said. “And they weren’t prepared to have that air defense umbrella cover the frontline as extensively.”

As a result, Russia’s forces are able to deploy aviation extensively on the frontline “in a way they haven’t done before.”

Mistakes Piling Up

The Insider report is one of the many flawed Ukrainian tactics in its highly-anticipated spring offensive.

International military analysts recently claimed Ukrainian soldiers have been “running around in five different directions” instead of focusing on one area at a time.

With limited tanks to support them on the frontline, Kyiv’s troops are reportedly conducting a “suicide mission.”

The analysts also said that several Ukrainian tanks are charging into minefields without deploying mine-clearing vehicles first.

Such a “piecemeal” strategy resulted in the loss of more than 30 armored vehicles earlier this month, including Leopard II tanks.

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