Russia Offers Troops $1.2K Bonuses for Destroyed Western Tanks

The Russian government is providing hefty cash incentives to troops who destroy German-made Leopard tanks and US-supplied armored vehicles in Ukraine.

According to the Russian defense ministry, soldiers who annihilate an enemy tank will receive roughly 100,000 rubles ($1,200), while those who neutralize an armored vehicle will be given 50,000 rubles ($600).

The scheme is part of a larger program to incentivize soldiers who actively participate in Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

“Payments are currently being made to servicemen of the Russian Federation Armed Forces who in the course of military operations destroyed Leopard tanks, as well as armored fighting vehicles made in the USA and other NATO countries,” the ministry said, citing reports from field commanders.

In addition, soldiers will receive 300,000 rubles ($3,600) for every Ukrainian helicopter or warplane destroyed. The same amount will be given to those who eliminate US-made HIMARS rockets.

As of May 31, 10,200 Russian military personnel have reportedly received payments for destroying over 16,000 pieces of Ukrainian and Western-supplied military equipment.

Similar Schemes

Giving away extra cash for destroying enemy assets has been done before in the hope of winning battles.

The same scheme was employed by the Red Army during World War II when Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union.

In Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Moscow has offered up to 10 times higher salaries to entice civilians to join its ground forces in Kyiv.

From the average wage of 63,060 rubles ($807), new recruits would receive up to 700,000 rubles ($8,961), according to reports.

In March, state advertisements also claimed that Russian soldiers are being offered 57,000 rubles ($679) for every kilometer of ground gained in the war-torn nation.

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