Canada Unveils ‘Vigilance’ Next-Gen Offshore Patrol Vessel

Canadian naval engineering firm Vard Marine unveiled its new offshore patrol vessel (OPV) during the CANSEC 2023 global defense and security trade show in Ottawa.

Called the “Vigilance,” the next-generation ship is tailored to meet the needs of the Royal Canadian Navy.

According to the company, the OPV balances flexibility, modular adaptability, and size.

It has also been engineered to support high-tempo sovereignty missions and other operations abroad.

Vard Marine developed the Vigilance OPV in partnership with Fincantieri, Thales Canada, Heddle Shipyards, and SH Defence.

It is expected to replace the country’s Kingston-class maritime coastal defense vessel.


Vard Marine describes the Vigilance as a cost-effective and forward-looking naval platform capable of fulfilling critical operational needs.

Its organic and modular capabilities enable improved intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance.

The vessel can also support subsea infrastructure protection, mine countermeasures, and maritime interdiction operations.

The CUBETM plug-and-play mission module and payload handling system reportedly make the Vigilance a future-proof vessel with multi-mission capability.

“Vigilance will provide the sailors of the Royal Canadian Navy and the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve the modern tools they need to protect Canada’s vital interests at home and abroad,” the company stated.

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