Vuzix to Deliver Augmented Reality Solutions to US Defense Partners

The Vuzix Corporation has received contracts to deliver augmented reality (AR) solutions and related engineering services to two undisclosed US defense customers.

The first agreement is with a company specializing in situational awareness and personal protection solutions for defense forces.

It seeks projectors and waveguides to integrate “smart” heads-up display technology with the customer’s helmet capability.

Waveguides are plastic or glass-based sheets enabling projected images to travel between two surfaces. “The image bounces along the interior of the lenses and then projects a transparent image into the eye,” according to Vuzix.

The second contract comes from a separate US provider specializing in human and animal communication.

This agreement seeks waveguides to design AR goggles that will be fitted to animal defense assets for them to receive tactical orders remotely.

“We continue to make great progress with both existing and new defense OEM opportunities as more and more defense contractors turn to Vuzix for our advanced waveguide and display solutions, solutions that are designed and manufactured in the United States,” Vuzix CEO and President Paul Travers stated.

“We look forward to bringing many of these engagements to the production stage over time.”

Vuzix and L3Harris

Last year, Vuzix teamed with L3Harris Technologies to produce a military optics system.

The partnership aims to combine waveguide-based optics engine prototypes with head-mounted systems to provide warfighters with see-through, wide field of view, and high-brightness smart glasses.

The project is part of the firms’ efforts to introduce the AR market to US defense forces and its allies.

“This phased development will enhance the daytime augmented reality capabilities of existing L3Harris products,” L3Harris Integrated Vision Solutions’ Matthew Renzi said during the collaboration signing.

“Partnering with Vuzix ensures manufacturing of components critical to the growth and advancement of our technology remains firmly rooted in the United States.”

Vuzix has received multiple OEM orders from defense customers for its waveguides, displays and systems.
Rendering of waveguide and optical systems. Photo: Vuzix

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