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Combined Maritime Force Introduces New Group to Train Partner Navies in Middle East

The 38-nation Combined Maritime Force (CMF) has established a new group to enhance maritime security training in the Middle East.

Combined Task Force 154 (CTF 154) is the fifth CMF segment after CTF 153 was inducted for Red Sea maritime security in April 2022.

The latest group was launched to facilitate military training for multinational CMF navies in the region.

This approach allows partners to upskill without logistical inconvenience, especially during courses conducted ashore.

“Our navies are at their very best when we train, operate and work together,” CMF and US 5th Fleet Commander Vice Adm. Brad Cooper stated.

“Establishing CTF 154 demonstrates our deep commitment to strengthening and expanding partnerships through new training opportunities that will enhance regional maritime security.”

Combined Task Force 154

CTF 154 will be led by US Navy Captain Oliver Herion and consist of multinational staff. Another CMF partner will assume command this fall.

The core personnel of the task force will be augmented through an ongoing military exercise in Bahrain. Over 50 participants have already been deployed by CMF nations to attend courses on vessel boarding and first aid procedures.

In the future, CTF 154 will focus on five core training areas: maritime law, maritime awareness, maritime interdiction, maritime rescue, and leadership development.

Each session is available from basic to advanced levels and tailored to match CMF partner requirements.

“Focusing our efforts to facilitate training for the multinational partnership will refine our skillsets and reinforce our ability to operate together,” Herion explained.

“We are ‘Stronger Together’ and ‘Ready Together.’ That is what CMF is all about.”

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