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Ukraine Modifying Commercial Drones to Attack Russian Tanks

The Ukrainian military is revamping available commercial drones to help destroy Russian tanks and trenches.

According to a report by Reuters, a former IT programmer who is now with the Ukrainian Army can turn a four-rotor commercial drone into some kind of loitering munition.

He said the unmanned systems bought over the counter for just $300 can be fitted with explosives to help neutralize Russian assets on the frontline.

“Our team has done it many times,” the soldier, who preferred to be called Kakrurt, told the outlet. “We have destroyed enemy tanks, heavy military equipment, [and] personnel. It’s a very effective gadget.”

News about Ukrainians modifying or making “do-it-yourself” drones surfaced as early as September last year when a group of young geeks was reported assembling reconnaissance drones in a house basement near the Donbas frontline.

The group pieced together electronic components and utilized laptops and documents to assemble a functional unmanned system.

Roles in Counter-Offensive

The intensifying battle in Ukraine has forced both Kyiv and Moscow to deploy hundreds of drones to outperform each other in intelligence gathering or destroying military assets.

Ukraine is reportedly expanding its drone program, especially because it is predicted that the war-torn nation will make broad use of unmanned systems in its planned spring counter-offensive.

“Our team has decided to use civilian drones, re-make them in order to destroy the enemy. They are easy to get hold of, easy to fit for purpose,” Kakrurt said.

Another soldier from the team, whose call sign is Reshik, told Reuters that kamikaze drones will play a huge role in the offensive, particularly in attacking trenches where enemy soldiers often seek shelter.

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