Bombardier, General Dynamics Team Up on Canada’s Next-Gen Multi-Mission Aircraft

Bombardier Defense and General Dynamics Mission Systems have partnered to deliver a next-generation multi-mission and anti-submarine warfare aircraft to Canada.

The collaboration supports the Canadian Multi-Mission Aircraft (CMMA) program seeking to replace the country’s aging CP-140 Aurora maritime patrol systems set to retire in 2030.

Aircraft required by the 5 billion Canadian dollar ($3.7 billion) initiative must be optimized for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance; anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare; command, control, communications; and computer functions.

‘Generational Opportunity’

The Bombardier-General Dynamics team’s platform is based on the Global 6500 jet fitted with advanced engines for “high endurance and better fuel efficiency.”

Currently, the Global aircraft family is deployed in more than 10 mission types internationally.

“Having Bombardier work on CMMA is the right choice from an aircraft performance standpoint, and also, an opportunity for Canada to foster innovation, bolster its capabilities and support talent across Canada’s aerospace industry from coast to coast to coast,” Bombardier Defense and Aircraft Sales Executive Vice President Christophe Gallagher stated.

Global 6500 jet
Global 6500 jet. Photo: Bombardier

General Dynamics will equip the aircraft with mission systems also integrated into Canada’s recently-upgraded CP-140 Block IV and CH-148 Cyclone multi-role shipboard helicopters.

Furthermore, the multi-mission aircraft will be integrated with sensors and systems through an iterative and low-risk approach, enabling Canada to match peer and adversary assets alike.

The future CMMA platform will obtain other “future-proof” technologies to ensure continued operational relevance and address evolving threats of the century.

“This new partnership unlocks a generational opportunity to couple our leading edge, trusted mission systems to ultimately provide a made-in-Canada solution that supports Canada’s multi-mission airborne needs into the future,” General Dynamics Mission Systems General Manager and Vice President Joel Houde said.

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