MBDA Announces Missile Hubs in Germany to Boost Production

MBDA Germany has announced an expansion of guided missile production to fulfill the German military’s increased demand.

As part of the decision, the company will establish missile hubs in the German town of Schrobenhausen to produce, maintain, repair, and modernize weapons systems and missiles such as the Patriot, Meteor, Brimstone, and Stinger.

In the future, MBDA’s German subsidiary will expand the production capacity of a new armor-piercing variant of the shoulder-launched Enforcer small missile.

The company recently operationalized a new production line for the multi-purpose munition, whose serial production is scheduled to start this year, with delivery expected in 2024.

Guided Missiles for Germany, NATO

The hubs will deliver guided missiles to the German armed forces as well as NATO partners.

“The development of additional production capacities represents a decisive contribution to ammunition stockpiling,” MBDA Germany’s managing director Thomas Gottschild said.

“We will significantly expand industrial production capacities in order to enable rapid availability, increase added value in the country, and permanently cover the needs of Germany and European NATO partners.”

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