Raytheon Unveils High-Altitude Oxygen Supply System for Parachuting Missions

Raytheon Technologies segment Collins Aerospace has launched its latest high-altitude oxygen supply for paratroopers.

The OXYJUMP NG system offers longer gliding distance, enhanced safety, and user-friendly controls compared to legacy parachuting oxygen solutions.

It is developed with Collins’ NATO-certified oxygen pulse technology to equip soldiers with smaller, lighter oxygen supply equipment.

Collins Aerospace’s OXYJUMP NG

The OXYJUMP NG addresses the limitations of existing oxygen supply systems when utilized in tactical high-jump operations.

The capability adjusts oxygen levels automatically and features an ergonomically designed mask with a secure and comfortable fitting against the user’s face, allowing them to focus on critical tasks.

This approach extends the reach of parachute missions, improving warfighter effectiveness.

“The OXYJUMP NG system gives allied armed forces the stealth, readiness and safety necessary to complete the most complex jumps on earth,” Collins Aerospace Military, Safety and Cargo Systems General Manager and Vice President Brad Haselhorst stated.

“The OXYJUMP NG system not only keeps up with the evolving nature of combat jumps, but it’s ready for use today.”

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