USAF Concludes Latest AMRAAM Configuration Audit Milestone

The US Air Force has completed its Functional Configuration Audit of the latest Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM).

The audit follows the AMRAAM AIM-120D-3’s first live test in July last year, bringing the missile closer to fielding by the US Air Force and US Navy.

Form, Fit, Function Refresh 

The AIM-120D-3 features redesigned hardware and software, including 15 upgraded circuit cards under the Form, Fit, Function Refresh program.

The new energy-efficient cards in the Raytheon missile’s guidance system enhance its battery life, increasing its range.

The $125 million program ensures the continued upgrade of the missile’s software.

Additional Tests

“Integrated on 14 platforms in 42 countries, AMRAAM is the only fielded air-to-air weapon with the ability to counter peer threats at extended range,” Raytheon Missiles & Defense Air Power president Paul Ferraro said.

“The AIM-120D-3 takes the known and trusted AMRAAM to the next level to meet the evolving needs of the warfighter and combatant commanders.” 

The audit will be followed by a test program “encompassing captive carry missions, platform bench testing and a series of live firings from multiple Air Force and Navy platforms – proving out the weapon’s effectiveness.”

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