US, Israel Order 169 CH-53K ‘King Stallion’ Engines

The US and Israel have jointly procured 169 T408 turboshaft engines from General Electric Aviation in a deal worth $683.7 million.

The engines are expected to provide improved performance for the countries’ CH-53K “King Stallion” heavy-lift cargo helicopters.

According to the contract announcement, the T408 engines will be incrementally produced in three configurations.

The US Navy will receive 54 engines in lot 8 configuration, 39 in lot 7 configuration, and 36 in lot 6 configuration.

Jerusalem will take delivery of 11 T408 lot 8 engines, 12 lot 7, and 17 lot 6 CH-53K engines.

General Electric Aviation will also supply associated engine, programmatic, and logistics support, as well as cost reduction initiatives.

Work for the contract will be performed in Massachusetts and is expected to be completed by 2027.

‘Cost-Effective Solution’

The T408 turboshaft engine is the latest and most advanced variant of General Electric Aviation’s CH-53K engine.

It offers significant performance improvements and has 57 percent more power than its predecessor.

Its flight endurance is also a “much-needed” feature since the US Navy is expected to conduct operations across the vast expanse of the Indo-pacific.

In addition, the T408 engine reportedly contains 63 percent fewer parts, allowing the US and Israel to save more money for sustainment.

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