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Ukraine to Supply Mi-17 Helicopter Engines, Parts to Pakistan

Ukraine will send Mi-17 helicopter engines and spare parts to Pakistan as a sign of their enhanced defense partnership, according to a report by The Economic Times.

The agreement is Kyiv’s display of gratitude to Islamabad for sending weapons and equipment to help fight off invading Russian forces.

The items to be transferred under the $1.5-million deal will be supplied by Ukrainian defense firm Motor Sich JSC.

Ukraine and Pakistan have had close military and industrial ties since the 1990s.

Over three decades, the arms trade between them has reached $1.6 billion.

Pakistan’s Assistance for Ukraine

When Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, Pakistan sent military and humanitarian assistance to bolster Kyiv’s ground forces.

Among the items delivered by Islamabad through Poland were Anza Mark-II man portable air defense systems.

A Polish entity signed a memorandum of understanding with a Pakistani company to supply defense equipment to Kyiv.

Additionally, The Economic Times reported that Pakistan used a German port to transfer rockets to Ukraine and that over 10,000 rockets have already been shipped.

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