Rostec Develops AI-Powered Onboard Radio for Russian Su-57 Fighter Jet

Rostec Corporation segment Ruselectronics has developed an artificial intelligence-powered radio system to boost the Russian Su-57 fighter’s immunity to reconnaissance and interference.

The patent for the technology was introduced during the recent Archimedes 2023 innovation expo in Moscow.

The “cognitive” radio comes with noise-resistant coding, improved cryptography, and real-time signal processing synchronization.

The AI-based platform includes antenna-matching and computing devices, signal processing units, error-correcting components, and a global positioning satellite receiver.

Communications Capability for Fifth-Generation Aircraft 

According to Rostec, integrating the system enables the Su-57 to transmit messages through different channels, increase connection stability, and improve the communication quality between the aircraft and ground support.

The state-owned company added that the onboard communications platform can operate at high and very high frequencies.

Sukhoi Su-57 fighter aircraft. Image: Creative Commons

“The development of radio electronics is becoming a decisive factor influencing the formation of the appearance of fifth-generation aircraft,” Ruselectronics’ NPP Polet Holding Director General Aleksey Komyakov stated.

“The solution of many functional tasks that increase the efficiency of aviation operations is carried out with the help of on-board digital communication systems.”

“At present, these complexes are widely used for the exchange of messages between aircraft avionics and ground services. Our new complex is an initiative development and is planned for implementation as part of the S-111 communications complex.”

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