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China Tests AI-Powered Precision Artillery Shell: Report

The Chinese military tested an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered laser-guided artillery shell last year capable of striking human-sized targets 16 kilometers (10 miles) away.

The shell’s precision far exceeds that of any operational Chinese artillery round, South China Morning Post reported, citing a team of scientists working on the technology.

More Accurate Than Guided-Shells

The shell’s AI-powered computer chip offers faster data processing speed than current GPS-guided artillery shells that rely on traditional mathematical models, the outlet wrote, citing team leader Wang Jiang

A guided shell collects and analyzes environmental data such as wind, temperature, and air pressure for course correction during flight.

According to the outlet, the guided shells struggle to process real-time data that increases exponentially with the number of variables.

More Efficient Data Processing

AI enables the chip to process the data more efficiently, bypassing “some of the more demanding calculations performed under traditional approaches.”

“The shell’s computer chip must be as simple as possible as it must withstand the enormous heat and shock of artillery fire,” the outlet wrote.

“Facing such demands, processors must often discard valuable raw data to complete the calculations in time, thus affecting overall accuracy.”

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