Russia Lost 10,000 Military Vehicles in Ukraine: UK Intel

The Russian military has lost more than 10,000 armored vehicles since its invasion of Ukraine, according to a UK intelligence report.

Open-source intelligence tracker Oryx said verified losses include 1,900 tanks, 3,500 armored vehicles, and more than 2,400 logistics and supply vehicles.

Russia has also lost dozens of high-tech radars and command vehicles, in addition to 78 combat jets.

The report noted that these vehicles were either destroyed, damaged, abandoned, or captured in Ukraine.

Moscow’s losses are seen as a major blow to its campaign and are expected to provide Kyiv with a significant battlefield advantage.

“The losses are definitely significant, and beyond raw numbers, I think it’s important to look at the equipment Russians are being forced to withdraw from old stocks. There is visually confirmed evidence of T-55 tanks that began production in the late 40s being shipped to the front,” GlobalData aerospace, defense, and security analyst James Marques said. 

‘Little Strategic Gain’

Apart from losing thousands of military vehicles, UK intel noted that Russia has already fired most of its modern cruise missiles.

It claimed that Moscow’s efforts have had “little strategic gain” in Ukraine.

Additionally, President Vladimir Putin is now reportedly struggling to mobilize the defense industry and resupply his troops with more weapons and equipment.

Western sanctions have hampered the nation’s ability to produce state-of-the-art military systems for use in the war.

As of this month, Russia and Ukraine have suffered 223,000 and 131,000 total casualties, respectively, as per the US Defence Intelligence Agency.

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