US Approves HIMARS, Joint Standoff Weapons Sale to Morocco

The US State Department has approved the possible sale of High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) and related equipment for $524.2 million to Morocco.

Morocco has requested 18 HIMARS launchers, 40 Army Tactical Missile Systems, 36 M31A2 Guided Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (GMLRS), and 36 M30A2 GMLRS alternative warheads.

The sale would enhance the African nation’s capability to control its border and improve the Royal Armed Forces’ interoperability with US forces, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency stated.

Rabat is at loggerheads with neighboring Algeria over Western Sahara, a disputed territory.

Joint Standoff Weapons Sale Approved

Meanwhile, the state department also approved the possible sale of Joint Standoff Weapons (JSOW) to the country for $250 million.

Morocco has requested to buy 40 AGM-154C JSOW for its F-16 fighter jets. The request included Dummy Air Training Missiles, Captive Flight Vehicles, and Free Flight Vehicles.

The Raytheon missile standoff range of 12 to 63 nautical miles (22 to 117 kilometers/14 to 73 miles) allows it to engage targets from a safe distance.

According to the Defense Security Cooperation Agency, the precision strike weapon would enhance Rabat’s capabilities to defend critical sea lanes.

The air-to-ground missile would also increase the Royal Moroccan Air Force’s “maritime partnership potential and align its capabilities with existing regional baselines,” the Pentagon agency wrote.

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