NATO Fighter Jets Fly in ‘Large-Scale’ Joint Training Over Baltics

More than 20 fighter jets from NATO allies and partners joined a “large-scale” training exercise over Baltic airspace.

The activity commenced at Amari Air Base in Estonia and was joined by military forces from the US, the UK, Finland, Germany, France, Estonia, and the Netherlands.

The exercise saw the deployment of L-39 Albatrosses, F-15 Eagles, Eurofighter Typhoons, F/A-18 Hornets, Rafales, and F-35 Lightning IIs.

Bolstering Collective Defense

The fleet used various tactics and procedures to complete real-world challenges in the contested air domain. Throughout the drill, the multinational fighter jets were supported by air-to-air refuelers.

“This exercise trains for the integration of high-end Allied and Partner capabilities, enhancing our ability to deliver combat air power that is greater than the sum of its parts,” Royal Air Force Wing Cdr. Scott MacColl explained.

“Bringing together a 7 nation exercise on this scale, in such a short time frame, is testament to our agility and seamless collaboration.”

“The ability to cooperate across a multination domain strengthens our collective defence and demonstrates our ability to effectively interoperate in the Baltic region, and across all NATO and future NATO territory.”

‘No Limit’ to NATO Interoperability 

According to NATO, the nations achieved several milestones during the exercise.

The event marked the return of the Finnish Air Force to the Amari Air Base after a long break due to the pandemic.

Four Finnish F/A-18 fighters fly in formation.
Four Finnish F/A-18 fighters fly in formation. Photo: NATO

“The Finnish Air Force works regularly with NATO Partners to enhance our shared security and stability in Europe, this includes exercises and training events in the Baltic Sea Region and High North,” Finnish Ambassador to Estonia Vesa Vasara stated.

The exercise also involved the cooperation of the joint British-German Eurofighter detachment stationed in Estonia.

“There will never be a limit to going for even better NATO-interoperability. Working relations with Estonia and the United Kingdom are, of course, tested, tried and true,” German Ambassador to Estonia Annette Klein said.

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