UK Would Need 10-Year Warning to Repel Russian Attack: Ex-General

The UK has not been spending enough on defense, a former military official has cautioned. The situation is so dire the country would need five to ten years of warning to repel a Russian invasion.

General Richard Barrons told Daily Mail that the UK used to be ready for conflict within a few hours because it had enough resources and military equipment.

However, decades of decline in defense spending has reportedly so weakened the country it would struggle to defend against an enemy attack.

“During the Cold War, the Army at all times was ready to fight at four hours’ notice. When the Cold War ended and there was no sense of existential risk to the UK, all of that was dismantled,” Barrons said.

Needing 10 years to fully prepare for an attack from a power like Russia is “deeply disappointing,” the former commander of the UK’s Joint Forces Command added.

‘Already in Confrontation’

The UK is one of Ukraine’s major sources of weapons and equipment to counter the Russian invasion.

Because of this support, Moscow is reportedly furious and could blame its European neighbors in case of a failed campaign in Ukraine.

Barrons claimed that the UK is already in confrontation with President Vladimir Putin, but the British government has chosen to do “very little” about it.

The UK currently has around 137,000 military personnel, 227 operational tanks, and more than 5,000 armored vehicles.

This is not nearly enough to repel Moscow, which has over 1.3 million troops, 12,420 battle-ready tanks, and 30,000 armored vehicles.

Putin also has 605 vessels, compared to only 70 in the Royal Navy.

‘$6-Billion Defense Boost’

Barrons’ statement came despite the British government announcing a 5-billion-pound ($6-billion) investment in defense.

The budget will be used to replenish ammunition stocks, modernize the UK’s nuclear capabilities, and fund the next phase of the AUKUS submarine program.

It also aimed at responding to emerging geopolitical threats from Russia and China.

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