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US Navy Awards Raytheon $234M Over-the-Horizon Missile Contract

The US Navy has awarded Raytheon a $234-million contract to produce and deliver the Over-the-Horizon Weapon System (OTH-WS).

The work will be performed in Norway and various US locations through March 2027.

The navy declared a team of Raytheon and Kongsberg the winner of the OTH-WS program in 2018 consisting of contract options worth up to $847.61 million.

Over-the-Horizon Weapon System

The OTH-WS is a long-range, surface-to-surface missile system that engages maritime targets inside and beyond the radar horizon.  

The system comprises an operator interface console, Naval Strike Missile (NSM), and the missile launching system. 

Naval Strike Missile

The NSM has been designed to strike “heavily defended” maritime targets up to 100 nautical miles (115 miles/185 kilometers) away, with a secondary land attack role.  

It can be launched from various platforms, requiring minimal integration.  

The missile has been selected by 11 countries, including the US, UK, Canada, Germany, and Norway.

Missile Platforms

The missile is intended for integration with the navy’s littoral combat ships, guided missile frigates, and amphibious landing platform docks.

The service has already outfitted five Independence-class littoral combat ships with the missile: the USS Oakland, USS Jackson, USS Charleston, USS Gabrielle Giffords, and USS Tulsa.

The Marine Corps intends to acquire the missile for the Navy/Marine Expeditionary Ship Interdiction System, which integrates an NSM launcher with an unmanned Joint Light Tactical Vehicle-based mobile launch platform.

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