SEA, SH Defence to Explore Advanced Modular Solutions for Naval Customers

British tech company SEA and Danish equipment builder SH Defence have signed a memorandum of understanding to develop advanced modular solutions.

Under the agreement, the companies will explore and produce modular capabilities to support future maritime platform designs and modifications for international naval customers.

The resulting solutions will provide navies with enhanced defensive approaches against complex, modern, and evolving threats.

‘Maximum Benefit’ for Navies

The partnership will leverage SEA products such as the Torpedo Launcher System (TLS), Agile Platform Anti-Submarine Warfare, and KraitSense Defence System.

“SH Defence has signed agreements with many leading shipbuilders worldwide, making it the perfect partnership for us to explore how modular systems can enhance our protective technologies, such as the KraitSense and the TLS,” SEA Business Development Executive Guy Hope stated.

“We’re looking forward to collaborating closely with SH Defence to optimise our solutions to provide the maximum benefit for end users.”

SEA’s innovations will be integrated with SH Defence’s The Cube, a plug-and-play modular system for operating specialized multi-domain platform equipment.

“The Cube is fast becoming the leading modular system for navies, and we are constantly looking for suppliers of the most innovative naval technology to integrate with our system,” SH Defence CEO Rene Bertelsen explained.

“In SEA, we have found a company whose solutions are well suited to The Cube due to their inherent flexibility and proven capability. We’re looking forward to working with the team to develop further Cube solutions.”

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