Ukraine Military Receives First Domestic 122mm Artillery Shells

The Ukrainian Armed Forces has taken delivery of its first batch of 122-millimeter artillery shells featuring cutting-edge domestic components.

The country’s arms conglomerate Ukroboronprom said it has shipped the third type of ammunition to support Kyiv in countering Russian aggression.

The war-torn nation currently uses the 120-mm mortar mine and the 125-mm tank projectile to neutralize enemy assets.

According to the defense firm, the 122mm shells were manufactured abroad using Ukrainian technology with Ukrainian specialists.

It will be used by Ukrainian artillery units with D-30 towed howitzers and 2C1 “Carnation” self-propelled guns.

Transformation to Modern Company

The delivery comes after the nation decided to transform Ukroboronprom into JSC Ukrainian Defense Industry.

The move served as the starting point for the company to transform into a modern high-tech defense firm owned by the state.

It has allowed Ukroboronprom to perform thorough factory tests on the 122mm ammunition, confirming their tactical and technical characteristics before shipment.

According to the assessment, the tests showed the strength of shell casings when fired, maximum firing range, and stability of the equipment.

122mm artillery shell
A closer look at the high-powered 122mm artillery shell for the Ukrainian military. Photo: Ukroboronprom

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