Austal Taps Fairbanks Morse Defense to Equip Future USCG Pickering

Austal USA has awarded Fairbanks Morse Defense (FMD) a contract to provide equipment for the US Coast Guard’s fifth Heritage-class offshore patrol cutter.

The USCG Pickering (WMSM-919) is being constructed as part of a $3.3-billion contract awarded to Austal in 2022 to develop up to 11 of the vessels for the coast guard.

‘Demonstrating’ Portfolio Expansion

Under the agreement, FMD will leverage its recently-acquired segments to supply main propulsion diesel engines, a reverse osmosis system, hangar door, electrical components, all-electric cranes, and a stores elevator.

Subsidiaries involved in the project are Federal Equipment Company, Welin Lambie, Maxim Watermakers, and Research, Tool & Die Works.

“Receiving this contract from Austal encapsulates what we’ve been working toward in recent years through the acquisition of several strategic maritime suppliers,” FMD CEO George Whittier stated.

“The industry recognizes the tremendous added value we can bring through our ability to provide projects with a comprehensive equipment portfolio that spans all of our brands.”

“We look forward to working with Austal on this program and further demonstrating our wide range of capabilities.”

Recent US Coast Guard Projects With FMD

FMD previously received a contract to provide main propulsion engines for the US Coast Guard’s first Heritage-class vessels Argus (WMSM-915), Chase (WMSM-916), Ingham (WMSM-9170), and Rush (WMSM-918).

Alongside offshore patrol cutters, the company has partnered with the service to supply opposed-piston engine parts for its Bay-class icebreaking tugboats.

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