Leonardo to Develop Next-Gen Immersive Aircraft Training Solutions

Italian aerospace firm Leonardo will develop next-generation immersive aircraft training solutions leveraging Varjo headsets.

The partnership intends to replace current training devices based on a multi-touch screen and visual display system for simulators with Varjo’s mixed-reality headsets.

The collaboration will see Leonardo use Varjo headsets for multiple use cases across the pilot training curriculum, starting with the XR-3 Focal Edition headset.

Leonardo has already employed the XR-3 for its Smart Chair training simulator, reproducing a sixth-generation fighter cockpit. 

“The development of our next-generation training solutions with Varjo is based on specific requirements which will be key factors in competitiveness and will make it possible to improve the performance of our products, with a direct return on the market offer,” Leonardo Aircraft Division’s head of Simulation and Training Systems Giuseppe Pietroniro said.

“With the superior visual precision enabled by the new Varjo XR-3 Focal Edition, trainees can be engaged in mixed reality training that replicates real-life conditions by operating physical avionics, controls, and dashboards while flying in a fully virtual environment,” Varjo VP of Sales Joachim Dekker said.

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