Biden Moves to Expand US Hypersonic Weapons Industrial Base

US President Joe Biden has signed a presidential determination to expand the country’s domestic hypersonic industrial base.

The memorandum authorizes using the Defense Production Act Title III to cover enhancements for the US defense’s advanced avionics, air-breathing engines, guidance systems, and related hypersonic capabilities.

The US Department of Defense will leverage the determination to “strategically accelerate” the progress of manufacturing technologies, military prototypes, and kinetic systems.

The authority will also be used to partner with allied nations seeking similar capabilities.

Investing in Domestic Production

The determination allows the DoD’s Manufacturing Capability Expansion and Investment Prioritization (MCEIP) Office of Defence Production Act Investments (DPAI) to conduct domestic procurements and purchase commitments to further support the hypersonic industrial base modernization.

ground-launched hypersonic test
Successful launch of OpFires missile from a US Marine Corps Logistic Vehicle System Replacement. Image: Lockheed Martin

Moreover, the authority enables MCEIP to choose the most practical, cost-effective, and convenient alternative approach to meet hypersonic industrial production requirements.

“The Department of Defense’s DPAI Office continues to deliver on its mission of reshoring and re-establishing domestic production in sectors critical to our nation’s national security needs and strategic interests,” MCEIP Director Anthony Di Stasio stated.

“We are pleased and excited that the President is allowing us the opportunity to act on behalf of the nation to accelerate the advancement of hypersonics capabilities in the United States.”

“These investments will lead to new training and job opportunities for American citizens in facilities across the country.”

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