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Red Cat, Athena to Equip Teal 2 Tactical Drone With Machine Learning and AI

Puerto Rico-based Red Cat Holdings has teamed with Australian tech firm Athena AI to provide a new computer solution for the Teal 2 military-grade drone.

Under the partnership, the drone will be integrated with Athena’s proprietary computer vision architecture, which combines machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The technology enables rapid weapons tracking for intelligence operations, even when targets are in various positions at night.

The system can also detect “identification friend or foe” markers, such as infrared beacons and Cyalume halos.

Athena AI’s computer vision architecture can detect people and weapons at night
Athena AI’s computer vision architecture can detect people and weapons at night. Image: Athena AI

‘Dominate by Night’

Athena analyzed and curated military night-fighting footage capabilities, including low-light and thermal camera systems, to develop its latest computer vision architecture.

This approach allows the Teal 2 to support “danger close-fire” missions and “forward line of own troops” monitoring after dark.

With the technology, the drone can make field target set algorithm updates for a minimum of 72 hours to ensure a rapid response to threats.

“Most military operations take place at night, and Athena is proud to help the Teal 2 ‘Dominate the Night,’ by offering our computer vision architecture,” Athena CEO Stephen Bornstein stated.

“In military operations, every second counts, and Athena’s ability to track objects at night means our drone can deliver crucial intel to warfighters and commanders, providing rapid decision-making support.” Red Cat CEO Jeff Thompson added.

Red Cat and Athena Ventures

Last year, the US Customs and Border Protection awarded Red Cat a contract to deliver 54 Teal 2s to the US Border Patrol.

In February, the company introduced the drone to NATO as potential support for Ukrainian forces in its ongoing conflict with Russia.

Meanwhile, Athena secured its first export sale to the US Department of Defense in January. The firm is currently at an Australian technology convention to showcase its artificial intelligence solutions.

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