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US Navy Awards Gibbs & Cox Next-Gen Destroyer Design Contract

The US Navy has awarded Gibbs & Cox a $39.6 million future surface combatant force design and engineering contract.

The contract, through February 2024, supports the next-generation guided-missile destroyer (DDG(X)) and other emerging ship concepts. 

It also includes feasibility studies in support of the broader navy fleet. 

The service already awarded General Dynamics subsidiary Bath Iron Works and Huntington Ingalls Inc. DDG(X) design and engineering analysis contracts in July 2022

The DDG(X) guided-missile destroyer concept illustration. Image: DDG(X) Program

Next-Gen Guided-Missile Destroyer

Unveiled in January 2022, the DDG(X) will start replacing the four-decade-old Arleigh Burke-class by 2028.

The next-generation destroyer’s more powerful, efficient integrated power system will be able to fuel additional weapon and sensor systems, including two 600-kilowatt anti-missile laser systems, a 32-cell Mk-41 Vertical Launch System, and hypersonic weapons.

Other weapons include the Flight III combat system and two 21-cell Rolling Airframe Missile launchers.

Moreover, the vessel will have at least 50 percent greater range than the Arleigh Burke-class and better mobility and durability after sustaining damage. 

Other improvements include an acoustic, infrared, and Unified Endpoint Management signature.

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