MBDA Supports German Patriot Missile Upgrade

MBDA teamed with the German Armed Forces on a recent project to modernize the service’s Patriot missile defense system.

Under the three-week effort, the German military used MBDA’s site in Freinhausen to test the missile’s new configuration.

The tests included assessments of the Patriot’s new software and radar.

The upgraded missile is expected to be delivered by the end of 2023.

Throughout their partnership, MBDA has also supplied the service with helicopters, combat aircraft, and target drones for associated demonstrations.

‘Unique’ Project

According to MBDA, the recent testing project has provided the German Patriot systems with enhanced performance.

German Armed Forces' Patriot missile systems
German Armed Forces’ Patriot missile systems. Photo: MBDA Germany

Capabilities integrated with the missile include digitization, improved friend-foe recognition, and other extended functions.

“Air defense gained in importance with the beginning of the Ukraine war,” MBDA Germany Patriot Head Jürgen Koneczny stated.

“We support the Bundeswehr in this area with our know-how and our infrastructure. At our test site in Freinhausen, we can test and further develop a wide variety of air defense systems.”

“What has been created here is unique in Europe. A decisive contribution to the provision of sufficient ammunition is also the construction of a production line in Schrobenhausen, as Raytheon and MBDA are driving at Patriot.”

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