US Navy’s Future LPD 29 Vessel Receives New Radar Antenna

The US Navy’s future USS Richard M. McCool Jr. landing platform dock (LPD 29) has received an enterprise air surveillance radar (EASR) antenna.

Also known as the SPY-6(V)2, the EASR integrates the service’s aircraft carrier and amphibious assault ships with a uniform hardware and software radar platform.

The installation finalizes the delivery of EASR systems for the navy’s LPD 17-class ships.

The milestone also completes the activation of an S-band rotating radar variant for the fleet.

“The progress made is a testament to the collaboration across multiple organizations in bringing this next-generation radar to the LPD program,” US Navy Amphibious Warfare Program Manager Capt. Cedric McNeal stated.

“The Navy and our industry partners look forward to systems activation and testing as LPD 29 continues on the path to sea trials later this year.”

‘Integral Sensor’

According to the US Navy, the latest EASR capability provides critical improvements to secure effective self-defense for the LPD 17 ships.

“As with all incremental technology enhancements, the Navy is applying an increased focus to ensure that the system is provided on schedule, integrated into the ship/combat system and activated,” a US Navy statement said.

“Ultimately, EASR will be made ready as an integral sensor in an integrated Ship Self-Defense System to support the ship’s employment.”

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