goTenna Awarded Network Monitoring Contract for US Air Force

Brooklyn-based goTenna has received a contract to develop a communication network insight capability for the US Air Force.

The award builds on a research contract analyzing the advantages of the decoupled network operations platform (DNOP) for the service’s special warfare (AFSPECWAR) operators.

The DNOP acts as an overall network health tracker. It centralizes radio frequencies (RF) from different communication links on a mesh network into a distributed sensor to provide users with collective network performance analysis and monitoring.

DNOP Prototype

Under the agreement, goTenna will work with the US Air Force Research Laboratory and AFWERX segment Draco Spark Cell to apply the findings and develop a DNOP prototype.

“goTenna excels in environments where the combination of critical communication and a low RF footprint can make the difference between mission success and mission failure,” goTenna CEO Ari Schuler stated.

“Our DNOP capability will optimize battlefield mesh network performance and tactics to counter both man-made and natural RF impediments.”

Improved Situational Awareness

The resulting capability is expected to assist airmen in tactical and neer-peer communication missions in complex scenarios.

“By using goTenna’s networking solutions in a contested, degraded environment, AFSPECWAR operators will have enhanced situational awareness to achieve mission objectives, even if all other primary and secondary radios are unavailable, intentionally jammed, or broken,” according to a statement from goTenna.

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