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Australia to Upgrade Growler Electronic Warfare Aircraft

Australia is investing 277 million Australian dollars ($193 million) to upgrade its EA-18G Growler electronic warfare aircraft fleet.

The overhaul, part of Project AIR 5349 Phase 6, will see the development of the “Advanced Growler” to ensure commonality with its US counterpart.

The multimillion-dollar agreement covers integrating a next-generation jammer weapon system to replace the aircraft’s existing ALQ-99 Tactical Jamming System.

The Growler’s sensor suite will also be modernized for improved performance.

The upgrade would also allow the aircraft to carry longer-range and more advanced anti-radiation missiles.

“The Albanese Government is working closely with defense industry partners and Australian companies will be involved as much as possible throughout the life of this project,” defense industry minister Pat Conroy said.

‘Critical Technology for the Future’

Australia’s EA-18G Growler aircraft is designed to disrupt, deceive, or deny a broad range of military electronic systems, such as radars and communications.

It helps reduce security risks for fighter jets and increases pilots’ situational awareness.

The warplane has a maximum speed of 1,960 kilometers (1,217 miles) per hour and a flight range of up to 1,570 kilometers (975 miles).

Australia’s ministry of defense said that the upgrade would strengthen the nation’s electronic attack capability, providing the air force with critical world-leading technology for the future.

“We are delivering leading edge technology the [Royal Australian Air Force] needs to face an increasingly complex and uncertain strategic environment,” Conroy stressed.

Apart from modernizing the entire fleet, the contract covers facility upgrades in the city of Amberley and the Delamere Air Training Area near the town of Katherine.

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