Russia Claims Kornet Missiles Can Destroy German Leopard Tanks

The Russian state Rostec corporation has claimed that its Kornet anti-tank missile systems can destroy the Western-supplied Leopard tanks being sent to Ukraine.

According to the corporation, the vehicles will lack explosive reactive armor, making them vulnerable to high-powered Russian weapon systems.

However, a report by the Modern War Institute states that Leopards can actually be fitted with such protective equipment.

It is unclear whether the tanks sent to Ukraine will have the armor.

Rostec described the tanks as a “modern” and “well-protected” vehicle, but it claimed that they cannot be considered invulnerable during battles.

“Combat experience has shown that these tanks can be obliterated even with old man-portable anti-tank missile systems that are considerably inferior by their performance to weapons operational in the Russian Army,” the corporation told state-owned TASS News Agency.

Apart from Kornet missiles, Moscow’s Vikhr and Ataka air-launched missiles and 125-millimeter Mango armor-piercing shells can inflict heavy damage on the Leopards, according to the company.

Russian Rival

Rostec said it was sure the German tanks could be knocked out by Mango shells regardless of the angle of impact.

It also claimed that any tank would be destroyed if a Russian projectile hits its front armor or its side.

Moscow also operates T-90M Proryv tanks, which allegedly “outshine” the Leopard’s.

Germany approved the delivery of the powerful Leopard tanks last week to help Ukraine defend itself against Russia’s invasion.

Russian President Vladimir Putin downplayed the “collective” effort of the West, saying his country has “something to respond with.”

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